CFM Dog Rules


  1. Child petting dog at Central Farm MarketsWe strongly advise not bringing your dog to the market in extreme weather. When it is hot or crowded, and where other dogs and food are present, it can be a stressful situation for your dog.
  1. Please mind your dog! While your dog may be well behaved and enjoys the market, he/she will most likely come into contact with other dogs that are not as well behaved or who find the market stressful and react to the stress in non-friendly ways. There are children (and some adults) who are afraid of dogs and do not like being in such close proximity to them at the market. Keep in mind that many youngsters are only as tall as some dogs, which can be very intimidating.
  1. Please keep your dog on a short leash. Letting the leash get longer poses problems for people walking around you. We want to avoid people getting tangled in leashes and possibly getting hurt. A long leash is especially difficult to maneuver around for our patrons who use wheelchairs or walkers.
  1. Please don’t let your dog stand close to tables or open areas of food. Food is openly stored, displayed and sampled on tables in the vendors’ tents. Dog hair can and does fly around and we have seen some dogs who slobber, so please don’t bring them close to food areas.
  1. Please don’t feed your dog food samples that are meant for you, our patrons. While many of our vendors are delighted to have you sample their products, it does cost them money to provide samples. Also touching food and feeding it to your dog, along with petting dogs is not sanitary when you are shopping for food.
  1. Some dogs are not always well behaved and predictable. Please make sure your dog does not relieve itself in our marketplace.

Thank you!