Mosaic New Year’s Market

The Mosaic Central New Year’s Market will take place on Saturday, December 31 from 9:30am – 2:30pm at 2910 District Ave.

Bun’d Up
Yummy Korean/Asian inspired buns with a variety of fillings!

Conklin Farms
New Year’s Day traditional Dutch, PA meal including pork. Pork symbolizes progress and its rich fat content signifies wealth and prosperity.

Egyptian Gourmet
Mosaic cake and Carcadé – an organic hibiscus holiday/winter tea in Egypt.


  • Baklava: Walnut Cardamom and Pean Walnut
  • Savory: Mortadella & Gouda; Ham & Swiss; Chichen & Gruyère; and Mint & Feta
  • Seasonal: Red velvet; White Chocolate Peppermint; Maple Pumpkin Cheesecake; and Nutella & Vanilla bean cream

Girardot’s Crumbs
European-style breads and sweets!

King Mushrooms
Fresh mushrooms straight from their farm!

Liberty Delight Farms
Beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, rabbit, beef jerky, sausage, eggs and more.

Lobster Maine-ia
An assortment of fresh fish and seafood!

Specialty cured meats, sausages, salamis and more!

Robb’s Edge Express
Bring your knives, scissors, etc. to the market for sharpening!

SANDMAR Mexican Salsas, Salads and More
Homemade salsas, salads and more using their Grandma’s recipes!

Stonyman Gourmet Farmer
A variety of premium farmstead cheeses and savories!

Twin Springs Fruit Farm
Lots of veggies for delicious sides, and fruit for pies.

Zeke’s Coffee
Plenty of holiday roast and chocolate covered beans! Also, Zeke’s travel mugs – large insulated travel mugs that can be filled for the price of a small, and keep coffee hot for six hours.